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  • Where are you located?
    I’m in Baltimore, Maryland but I ship worldwide!
  • Do you design other art aside from paintings?
    YES! I love to create anything and everything. I’ve made tables, trays, platters, coasters and more. I love when a customer has an idea that I can help bring to life.
  • When will I get my custom art piece?
    It will depend on the size and design of the artwork. The usual time frame is about 4-6 weeks. Can be longer if it’s a more intricate piece or shorter if you need it by a certain date :). I’m always willing to accommodate individual needs!
  • What color options are there?
    Any color you can imagine! You want it I’ll get it :)
  • Can I buy a gift certificate for someone as a gift?
    Sure! Send me a message and I'll set it all up :)
  • Can you help me choose a design for an art piece?
    Of course! You can send me pictures of the space where you want the art to go, or I can come over if you live nearby! I help you every step of the way to make sure you fall in love with your artwork!
  • Is shipping included in the price?
    Shipping is additional but if you know someone headed to your area from Baltimore I can send it with them!
  • What texts can I place in an art piece?
    I can create designs for any text or bracha you want! I’ve done hadlakat neirot, eishet chayil, hafrashat challah, doctors prayer, and more! I can also create text in Hebrew and English :)
  • What size can I order for an art piece?
    Any size you want! There are standard sizes that the claybord comes in (such as 11x14, 12x12, 16x20, 18x24, 24x36 and many more), but I’ve done many custom pieces where I create the board myself and I can custom make any size!
  • For how long have you been painting?
    I really started painting about 3 years ago when I was going through a difficult time in life. I found comfort and escape in art. I discovered alcohol inks on Instagram and fell in love!
  • Can I place a rush order?
    You most definitely can! The soonest I can send a piece out is 4 days after the order is placed. There is an additional fee for rush orders as the usual time prior to shipping is about 4-6 weeks.
  • Is the gold leaf real gold?
    I have 24k really gold leaf that can be used upon request! Otherwise I work with something called imitation gold leaf which looks and feels very similar.
  • What materials do you use for your art?
    I use alcohol inks on either claybord or yupo paper with a coat of resin on top creating a beautiful glassy effect! I also work with acrylic paints and I use canvas or wood to paint on :)
  • Do you do ketubas?
    YES! And I work with a professional who handwrites the most beautiful text!
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